Weighing and Blending


Weighing is the first step in chemical manufacturing and it is also one of the most critical.
We are experts in handling the many challenges involved:

  • Weighing accuracy – ensuring that the correct amount of each ingredient is used in the mixture.
  • Avoiding contamination – ensuring that no dust or foreign particles are allowed into the mixture
  • Lot control - ensuring the traceability of each ingredient via electronic protocols.
  • Moving large amounts of material – both in and out of the facility. We have large silos for raw materials that are joined to the production facility.


Within the blending process, content uniformity is critical: every unit of block must contain the same amount of fragrance with as little variation within a batch as possible. Our special blending techniques achieve content uniformity of even the smallest amounts of fragrance in batch sizes of up to 3000 kg.

        -  Filling and Packaging

At SKOT we use high quality, semi-automated filling equipment to fill most of our bottles. The bottles are then immediately packed into primary packaging inline to minimize the risk of degradation through moisture and damage through mechanical handling.

Secondary Packaging

We offer a wide choice of secondary packaging formats in all sizes to meet client requirements. In addition, we can provide custom packaging options including single samples, displays and shelf-ready packs.

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