Formulation Development

We are renowned for developing WC Liquids and WC Solid products and other Drain Cleaning products for various active ingredients. We are experts in matching the most appropriate product design and formulation ensuring that they are user-friendly – both easy to use and pleasant to smell.
We have developed techniques for creating liquids and solids that dissolve not quickly nor slowly but in a manner that allows the consumer to feel the presence of our product leaving behind foam and a pleasant fragrance on the toilet bowl. We know how to mask unpleasant smells and have access to unique fragrances, making our products pleasant in the different rooms of the house.
Working in cooperation with our production plant, our formulation experts ensure that dosage forms can be scaled up and that the manufacturing process is optimized and validated. We can also perform feasibility studies on specific active ingredients.
Our teams work quickly. We are usually able to create the first formulation samples in a few weeks and the stability of the formulations can be demonstrated by early stress tests.
Our patented devices produce products that are more stable and functional than the competition. They also make the eventual transfer to the commercial manufacturing process easier. These technologies allow us to deliver products that are very stable over a long period of time and can be used in regions with high humidity or temperature.

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