1977: Foundation of the Industrial and Trading Company with the name of “SKOT S.A. Chemical Products”.
1978-1993: Skot launches various new brands in the Greek Market which become leaders in their own categories, i.e. bleach powders, toilet cleaners, food bags.  
1994: A milestone for the history of SKOT, as the company changes ownership and management and a new era for SKOT begins.
1995: SKOT sells its brands to leading local distributors and decides to engage solely in the manufacturing of household products for 3rd parties and no longer sell and distribute own brands. This allows the company to approach new customers and cover a market segment that is constantly growing, the Private Label Sector.
1995-1999: SKOT heavily invests in new fully automated production lines restructuring its business and focusing in the fields of Food Bags, Toilet blocks and Drain Cleaners. At the same time a department of Research and Development for new products is created.
2003: After extensive research and testing, new products in the field of cleaning and freshening the toilet will be launched. Intellectual property patents and design patents will be issued in many countries.
2003-2010: With new products and improved production capabilities, SKOT enters new markets. Popular brands of multinationals and large Super Market chains carry proudly SKOT’s products.

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